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Campbell River & Region COVID GuideLINES

The community of Campbell River wants to assure you that we’re committed to making your visit a safe and healthy one—for you, our businesses, and our communities. Below is a summary of what you can expect by sector at our open businesses, landmarks and experiences – if you require more specific details, please contact the Visitor Centre, or the service provider directly. Thank you.

Restaurants & Pubs:

  • Anywhere food and drinks are prepared and served must not operate at usual capacity to respect physical distancing protocols- make reservations if possible, be prepared for less seating, and bring layers if you unexpectedly end up on a patio!
  • Restrictions are in place limiting tables to parties of six and requires two metres (6ft) between patrons outside of your party sitting at different tables, bars or counters.
  • Expect your server or host to collect the contact information for one member of every party, this is kept by the establishment for thirty days in the event that there is a need for contact tracing on the part of the medical health officer.

Marine Tours: 

  • A brief health survey will be conducted before or at check-in requesting you to self-screen for cold or flu symptoms – please stay behind if you aren’t feeling 100%.
  • You can expect ready access to hand sanitizer in offices and onboard vessels, and a whole lot of new signage reminding you to practice good hand hygiene.
  • Staff and passengers will wear a non-medical cloth mask when social distancing of 2M (6 ft.) cannot be maintained on vessels or in common spaces; a whale-motif buff-style face covering will be provided by most operators.
  • As vessels vary in size and design, each individual operator may implement their own safety procedures in addition to general guidelines, and based on their unique circumstances.

Sport Fishing:

  • A brief health survey will be conducted before or at check-in requesting you to self-screen for cold or flu symptoms – please stay behind if you aren’t feeling 100%.
  • Passengers shall be limited to family groups or otherwise already socially grouped – you must charter the whole boat.
  • A short pre-trip review will be conducted to reinforce safety measures; including mask use, seating, washroom protocol, and food and drink.
  • Handling and bagging of the catch are to be done by the guide only.

Hotels & Lodging, including Short Term Vacation Rentals:

  • Due to heightened routine cleaning and sanitizing procedures, and enhanced laundry and linen procedures, early check-ins and late checkout requests may be denied to increase time for cleaning between guests.
  • Housekeeping services will not be provided within guest rooms during your stay. An adequate supply of clean towels, soap and toiletries will be awaiting you prior to checking in, and fresh linens will be available
  • Foodservice will not be available in your room; all in-house foodservice and food delivery from offsite will be contactless and left outside your door.
  • Reusable dishes and glassware may be removed from the room, and everything left behind by guests must be disposed of  – make sure not to leave anything behind!

Campgrounds & RV Parks:

  • There may be a limit to available campsites to allow greater spacing between parties.
  • Online booking and prepayment are encouraged to allow physical distancing from on-site staff.
  • Common areas such as communal fire pits, hot tubs, play areas, and offices may remain closed or restricted – please check before arrival if this is an issue.
  • Increase your disinfecting practices of high touchpoint items inside and outside vehicles, including trailer doors, maintenance equipment and patio furniture.

Museums & Galleries:

  • While mass gatherings are still off-limits, groups of fewer than fifty people may be allowed access by appointment to ensure occupancy limits are followed as appropriate to the space.
  • Consider ways to limit the exchange of paper products. Source information via websites, online ticket sales and digital guides and programs, if available.
  • Be aware of one-way walkways or designated walking areas and respect physical barriers where the physical distancing requirement cannot be maintained.
  • Interactive audio-visual or high-touch displays may be limited through signage or physical barriers. If they remain in use, use hand sanitizing stations near displays.

Retailers & Shops

  • It’s highly likely store layouts have been rearranged to support physical distancing. There may be limited products and services or store-front space available until restrictions are removed. 
  • Respect markers on the floor that designate areas and directions to move throughout the store.
  • If rearranging an area is not possible to follow physical distancing practices, maximum occupancy limits and restricted entry may be in place; please comply with posted signage

Campbell River Visitor Centre 

  • The visitor staff will require additional time between talking to visitors to sanitize the counter. We appreciate your patience!
  • If you touch an item you are not taking or buying it, please place that item in the provided boxes for sanitation.
  • If you would like to see an item and do not want to take it off the shelf, we will gladly get you the item from behind the counter.
  • A maximum of 4 guests will be allowed into the centre at one time, please practice physical distancing in the lobby shared with the Campbell River Art Gallery.

On June 24, 2020, it was announced that British Columbia is taking the next step in BC’s Restart Plan with a gradual transition to Phase 3, including the smart, safe and respectful return of travel and tourism within the province. It’s important to remember COVID-19 is not yet behind us, and we need to continue to do our part to protect the progress we’ve made.By following the foundational rules that have allowed BC to enter Phase 3 (physical distancing, staying home when sick, hand hygiene, and other protective measures) we can continue on this path together to enjoy  and explore our region, safely.

Our local businesses are following all provincial and WorkSafeBC health and safety regulations. The plans and protocols above are presented as recommendations and are not intended as a legal standard of care. These simplified guidelines are offered to assist guests in our region in complying with health guidance issued by the BC Health Officer, which are subject to change. The guidelines do not carry legal or regulatory authority, but rather aim to encourage responsible travel in and around our communities.


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